Escape Room: like Saw, but different

Ask any person below 40 and you’ll have a hard time finding someone that has not seen atleast one of the Saw movies. The famous horror series has become a staple of the genre, but the last movie dates from 2010, although a spin-off was released in 2017.

The producers of Escape Room must have spotted this as an opportunity. Escape Room uses the recent popularities of these interactive game rooms, but in the end it’s not alot more than a decor for another Saw-like movie.

Creative? Not really. Fun? Sure.

In fact, once we get past the initial scenes where the characters get invited to participate in an escape room, you quickly forget that an escape room is where it all takes place.

One of the characters painfully keeps reminding the audience they’re in an escape room. “THIS IS PART OF THE GAME”. Yes we get it, but in the meantime you guys are dying.

In the end, characters are simply going from room to room, trying to survive. We’ve seen it in Saw and we’ve seen it in various other movies. The story is slightly different, but in essence not at all.

With the final scenes it becomes even less creative, but we’ll leave it at that to not spoil the movie any further.

So should you see it?

That being said, Escape Room remains a fun movie to watch. Whether it’s for some cheap horror on a boring night or a friend’s night out: you won’t be bored.

You won’t necessarily remember the movie and definitely not see it during award season, but that’s was never the aim anyway.

Escape Room is easy to watch, fairly enjoyable (mostly thanks to good acting) and manages to create a nice flow of tension, where you don’t get numb to it, but do stay on edge.

If you’re up for a quality movie that makes you think: skip it. If you’re looking for a decent horror: go see it!

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