Green Book: the right Oscar winner?

Award season was interesting this year. Some underdogs won prizes, whereas favorites sometimes even missed out on nominations in the first place

Green Book was one of the underdogs nominated for the prestigious Best Picture Academy Award: the most important prize for the best movie of the previous year.

Contrary to what many expected, Green Book turned out to be the winner here. Some say it did not deserve the prize, others did not expect it, but could see why it had won.

What we think?

Green Book: wholesome or just Oscar bait?

One of the many things that has been said about Green Book is that it is clearly “Oscar bait”: it uses current affairs to gain attention. In this case: racism and more particularly: racism where the person in question is not even aware of his or her own racism.

Although it is true that this is definitely a subject that would grasp the attention of the Academy, the same can be said about other movies that were nominated.

Besides, racism has and still does simply play a big part in the US society and it’s not strange for many mainstream movies to address parts of it.

In our opinion, Green Book won for more reasons: the extremely good chemistry between the two protagonists of the movie, the development of both characters and the very decent pacing throughout the movie.

What we think: justified winner

Although other contenders sure did make a point for themselves – The Favorite could have easily been a justified winner too – it is unfair to simple say Green Book won because it addressed ‘popular’ subjects.

Because although racism played a big part of the movie, comradery and the developing friendship between the two characters is what made this movie what it is.

The racism present in the movie makes this bond stronger, but it did not carry the movie in terms of power: the actors did.

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