Vice: a protest movie and a little more

He’s been named the most powerful vice president of all time, the devil himself, or a national hero, all depending on your personal views. Vice is a movie about Dick Cheney, the vice president to George W. Bush who aspired to become the president himself, but did not gain alot of popularity with the public and thus settled for this job.

“I can handle the more mundane tasks. Energy, foreign policy, defense..”. The quote you can see in all trailers perfectly captures the way Cheney is shown in the movie: striving for power, manipulating people and finding ways to get it his way.

Whenever he can, he will try to take the wheel. Vice is for sure a protest movie from a predominantly left-leaning Hollywood. It shows a biased part of Cheney’s career, but through clever editing and jokes it’s also made clear to not just watch this as one big protest movie and not take everything overly serious.

Vice is more than a protest movie.

Different, funny and serious at the same time

Vice is in many ways a movie that stands out in Hollywood. Although most Hollywood producers are not afraid to address politics, this movie takes it to an entire next level.

Whether this movie will be liked by the average Republican remains to be seen, but given the fact that the movie shows more sides of Cheney, is tong-in-cheek at times and Cheney’s approval rate at the end of his tenure, this should not be a huge problem.

Christian Bale stars as Cheney and, as we’ve seen more than once with Bale, has gone through an incredible body transformation to look like the vice president.

Great pacing and the right mix

The mix between humor and serious points being made is done well in Vice. Although the movie is biopic reflecting the views of one side of the political spectrum, at no point it feels like it’s trying to teach or school the viewer about Cheney.

This is largely thanks to clever jokes and editing.

On top of this, the pace is great and the cast is amazing. Steve Carell stands out, although we could never really see him in character as much as we would’ve wanted.

Amy Adams was strong as ever, but what else is new? Vice is a fun movie to watch. Do not go in focussing on the politics too much, whatever your position is. Rather, enjoy the story, the movie, the jokes and the great movie in general.

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